Chemical Market Intelligence 2017.06.21

Chemical Market Intelligence

June 21st 2017

Monoammonium phosphate market higher in recent days in China domestic market.Monoammonium phosphate of 58% powder ex-factory price quoted 1800 yuan per ton in Sichuan province and in hubei province quoted 1900 yuan per ton,a rise of 100 yuan per ton two weeks ago.Producers had advanced orders until end of July, due to the large amount of goods to be loaded , they don’t pick up the new list.It is estimated that in last week of June monoammonium phosphate of 58% will maintain between 1800-1900 yuan per ton.

Diammonium phosphate of 64% in China domestic market fell, traditional autumn for fertilizer it`s a bit to early in China ,traders no more purchasing motivation, enterprise offer 64 mainstream ex-factory quote 2400 yuan per ton, the market clinch a deal the price is low.Because of poor demand situation at home and abroad,Diammonium phosphate will remain the ex-factory price of 2400 yuan per ton.